Banda Sea 2019

The Spice Islands, that have become famous for their cloves, nutmeg and historical stories about pirates. From the intense blue Banda Sea, steep pinnacles pierce the surface, surrounding them surreal emerald-green lagoons and islands made from coral sand. These aptly named Coral Keys and are colonised by rich vegetation.


The Landscape

The landscape and coral islands alternate with rock formation covered with a green layer, giving our passage from Asia to Oceania an almost unreal magic. We refer here to biological borders that sometimes are quite different from geographical borders. The dry season starts in this region in September and goes until end of March; however, rainfall can be expected throughout the year. 


The Itinerating Route

Aurora sails around several islands, like Gunung Api, Lucipara, and the islets around Banda, until the waters of Ambon. We will overnight almost every day in a different bay.


The Reef

Around and in the middle of the Banda sea, the crests of the submerged pinnacles are surrounded by a magnificent reef, at times very rich of hard corals.

$ 420 / Night